Tower Defense v1.0 Release!

Finally! After several months of internal alpha and beta testing, I gladly present to you all Tower Defense v1.0!

Alpha test v0.9 released!

It’s here! v0.9 The game has gone through some significant changes. First of all, there were some features that were missing such as: high scores, restart, and level based increments. Here are some screenshots of some of the new aspects of the game: One of the harder things to do as the developer is create […]

Troubles along the development

No one likes lag. As a developer and a gamer myself – I hate lag. In the recent changes to make the playing field a little more “variety like,” maze/twist and turns, the game became unplayable. This was a bit of a sad down turn for me as I was hoping that the game would […]

TD Alphatester’s Feedback

It’s been almost a week, but I’ve been waiting for all the alpha testers to try out the game and give me any form of suggestions and/or comments. So now that the wait is over, I decided to sort out all the similar suggestions and comments and show it all to you.

Tower Defense Alpha v0.8

Today the alpha testers received (or should have received) the latest version of the tower defense game. I know it says v5 on the screen, but it really is v.08 :] There’s been a few improvements over the game. Added a Go button to begin whenever the user is ready for the wave. Selling a […]

Alpha Testing spots closing soon! CLOSED

A short post, but I just wanted to let you all know that the alpha testing positions are coming to a close very soon! Everyone that has applied up until this moment is confirmed. If you would like to apply, but haven’t as of yet, your chances are closing up. There’s only a few open […]

Tower Defense v.03 Release Need AlphaTesters ! CLOSED

If you are reading this post right now (to be taken down as soon as people fill up [20] spots), it means you are eligible for alpha testing Tower Defense v0.3! Hurry, there’s only spot for 20! If you would like to be one of the first to play this game please follow the rules […]

Tower Defense on v0.2! Rolling along…

Believe it or not, but this Tower Defense project has been on steroids and has just passed v.02! Many things have been added such as: 4 unique towers, updated interface, remodeled icons, and a redesign in code to optimize performance! I was able to add several towers without compromising much on game lag! This is […]