A Showcase of the New Archer and Navigation System

The archer design was too child-like and flimsy, see the changes made for the new Archer look and feel.

5 Important problems needed to be solved for Shadow Kai

I have come across 5 problems that have been haunting my progression for this game. If you have any insight or would like to contribute any ideas, feel free to give in any inputs, I’ll take a look into all comments.

Updates on upcoming games (EDIT 2)

Pics and more pics on upcoming games for the Cowon s9 and a screenshot of the new Pixel Assassin main screen

Tower Defense v1.0 Release!

Finally! After several months of internal alpha and beta testing, I gladly present to you all Tower Defense v1.0!

Shadow Kai’s design phase.

Greetings! Well Shadow Kai has been finally ressurected on board after a few weeks of hiatus due to issues with the computer. Well we are currently working on the archer’s art as well as a few mechanics related to the bowman. Currently the game allows the character for 4 options on the player’s turn phase: […]

Poll: What kind of setting should the tactics game be in?

The current engine I’m running for this new upcoming tactics game has been built with “flexibility” in mind. Therefore, the animation has almost no effect on the actual coding. This means that I can replace a single animation and not worry about it affecting the code. Because of this, I really want to give you, […]

Shadow Kai in production

After several weeks of planing and concept sketching, I’ve started making my effort into pushing one of the biggest game I’ve ever imagined – Shadow Kai. In comparison,  Sketchlite, although not finished, has taken me several months to push itself from the drawing board into a playable game. I think Shadow Kai will end up […]