A new direction

Adobe recently announced that flash will no longer be updated for future support. This is huge news for people like myself who have programmed flash apps and games for over 7 years. No more Flash updates on phones!

Flight Arena Source

Hello Everyone, I’ve decided to release Flight Arena’s source as a donationware. There are no restrictions or limitations on this release.

Personal updates

Hello everyone, As you may all know, I’ve been absent for several months. The first few months were due to a severe neck injury that prohibited me from any posture or activity that involved sitting.

Santoki Beta Release!

While definitely not the complete game. Santoki is still a very playable and fun game and I would like to share the current fun to you all.

Santoki the Game

I have been always longing to release a game that used a “santoki” as a mascot. “Santoki” is actually a Korean term for a mountain rabbit. So I began working on a game that involves a santoki and the Cowon Gsensor.