Flight Arena Source

Hello Everyone, I’ve decided to release Flight Arena’s source as a donationware. There are no restrictions or limitations on this release.

Tutorial: How to make a Flight Clone

Here’s the next installment to the tutorial series on how to make a gsensor game.

Flight Arena Updates

Another sneak peek at Flight Arena’s gameplay. Check out the new video gameplay.

Flight Arena (With Video)

This may be of a shocker, but Flight has been one of my favorite games to develop. It’s not surprise that the Flight genre has been revamped with a totally new engine.

Flight Weekly build v1.1!

After several days of intensive programming and a total redesign of the game, I’m proud to present to you Flight v1.1! While there are still a considerable number of bugs still waiting to be discovered and balance issues, it’s very playable and has a boss level to reckon with. I’ve taken into considerations to some […]

Flight Weekly Builds 2

After a few days more than expected due to personal reasons, I’m glad to bring forth another update. This update however, may seem like a step down for some due to the changes that have been made/removed. A few things to note: Removed HyperDrive Removed Random enemies Added fixed enemies Added a 2 blaster limitation […]

Flight Weekly Builds

As promised, Flight will be having continuous weekly updates. It won’t be major changes, but there will be updates. The current version is now v1.01b. A few things have been tweaked and changed, but a major addition was the high scores. One thing to note is the static background. It is static and I unfortunately […]

Flight – a genuine s9 gsensor game

After several weeks of brainstorming, I decided the Cowon s9 G-sensor would be best used on a 2D space shooter game and due to the lack of dedicated s9 flash games I’ve decided this game was to be made – Flight. Flight is currently in its early stage. It has been designed for optimization and […]