Tower Defense Game, alpha testing soon

As mentioned before in my previous post, I have decided to make another game for the s9 to side along with Flight S9 – a tower defense for the s9! The game is still very far from completion in fact, I’m far from it. However, I just wanted to give a little update on the […]

A new game in the works

Flight is still being upgraded, I made a password section for those who have beaten the game from the last update. there will also be a shop in which you can purchase some goodies: more life, weapons, etc. Nevertheless, I feel there should be another game working side-by-side to Flight. I’ve been left with these […]

hello again!

I’ve been AWOL for a month due to a flu earlier this month and in response, I decided to have an extended vacation – which explains the missing updates and posts. I’ll be posting on a much more regular basis now that I’m able to work on “the desk.” So what’s the plan? I’ve been […]

Back in town!

Sorry for the delays, I’ll be finishing up on some slight design tweaks today and tomorrow and upload a new version by tomorrow at the latest. Sorry for the delays, there was a conference I had to attend last weekend. I’m back and will try my best to continue with the weekly updates and as […] membership?

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of Korean visitors. Namely from the site In hopes to see my fans I tried to access the page that referred the visitors, but was greeted with a page where it asked for my involvement for the site before applying for the membership.

Santoki’s back

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. The reason is simple – I had a lot of exams to study and commit to. Neverthless, the school term has finished, so I’ll be back to posting as usual. Thanks for waiting everyone! 🙂 We’ve got an exciting summer ahead of us. Santoki

Next tutorial? The s9 G-Sensor

A few days ago I received my new cowon s9 – I simply love it. I have been for a while now using a friends, but now that I have my own it’s time to develop apps and games like no tomorrow! 🙂 However, before I get going, I want other developers or even new […]

Poll: What kind of setting should the tactics game be in?

The current engine I’m running for this new upcoming tactics game has been built with “flexibility” in mind. Therefore, the animation has almost no effect on the actual coding. This means that I can replace a single animation and not worry about it affecting the code. Because of this, I really want to give you, […]

Shadow Kai in production

After several weeks of planing and concept sketching, I’ve started making my effort into pushing one of the biggest game I’ve ever imagined – Shadow Kai. In comparison,  Sketchlite, although not finished, has taken me several months to push itself from the drawing board into a playable game. I think Shadow Kai will end up […]

fresh start

I’ve migrated over to a new wordpress, but that shouldn’t stop me from making more games. In fact, I recently bought a Cowon s9 and I’m totally enamored by it. I’ve already made several pre-staged games for it and it seems so far that it will be a great platform. Sorry again for the domain […]