Personal updates

Hello everyone, As you may all know, I’ve been absent for several months. The first few months were due to a severe neck injury that prohibited me from any posture or activity that involved sitting.

The new!

After several days of rigorous coding and researching on how to design and customize WordPress themes, I’m happy to say the redesign went fairly well.

Redesigning 2souldesign

Check out what we’ve decided to change about 2souldesign’s design and more information regarding Shadow Kai.

Game Concept 2/12

The old classic game that started 2souldesign’s endeavor for creating flash mobile games and apps has now been remastered for the Cowon s9.

Game Concept 1/12

Alright it’s been a while, but I’ve got some exciting news for everyone. Starting from today, I will be uploading concepts of games. None of these games will be fully developed when made available, but if one game or two gets a lot of comments for development, I’ll pick it up and make it into […]


I’ve been working on several in-house games, but recently I have misplaced my Cowon S9.

Tower Defense v1.0 Release!

Finally! After several months of internal alpha and beta testing, I gladly present to you all Tower Defense v1.0!

Delays to Tower Defense v1.0

All of the games I make, including Tower Defense, are made from my spare time. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because I usually have free time when all is going well and the updates get pushed out ASAP.

Waiting for the alpha tester’s response

I’ll be waiting for the alpha tester’s response and their version of a better “stats” for each tower and/or enemy and I will be soon releasing the updates as version 1.0! :]

Troubles along the development

No one likes lag. As a developer and a gamer myself – I hate lag. In the recent changes to make the playing field a little more “variety like,” maze/twist and turns, the game became unplayable. This was a bit of a sad down turn for me as I was hoping that the game would […]