2souldesign is a private developing team dedicated in the development of flashlite games for mobile devices. Santoki is the main programmer and graphic artist. Kenkowtow and Jenster are new members of the 2souldesign team and have been helping in the debugging and editing process for the games.

Currently, 2souldesign owns the following devices: iriver clix gen1, iriver clix gen2, and Cowon s9. While there focus is aimed towards these devices, other platforms have been reported “workable” such as an iriver E10 and Cowon D2. To learn more about iriver’s clix and find a good community, 2souldesign highly recommends clixhere.net and/or their parent site misticriver.net.

2souldesign has also been developing games for mobile phones with flash lite enabled which can be played through playyoo.com