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Hello everyone,

As you may all know, I’ve been absent for several months. The first few months were due to a severe neck injury that prohibited me from any posture or activity that involved sitting.

It was then during July that I had fully recovered, but was studying for a exam (to which I did extremely well in). As September approached, I was contemplating whether or not I should continue this blog as there seemed to be less and less demand for applications. Nevertheless, I set a count of 20. If 20 or more people were to inquiry about my absence I would continue. Sure enough a few days ago, I felt inspired to get back on developing.

I still do not have a Cowon s9 – so developing “bug free” is not likely. I’ve recently become interested in developing for the Android and iOS, but because I do not own any of the two hosts I have not yet jumped into the band wagon. I’ve decided to change and shift focus of this blog as an open tutorial and personal request site. Tutorials will be made upon request and only upon my discretion. For instance, if there is a high demand in creating a mine-sweeper game, I will take time to make a minesweeper series. If there is a personal request for a game or app I will suspend the tutorials and privately create the application for the requester for a donation fee (this will help me in development cost). The donation fee can be anywhere from $0.99+ (you be the judge).

I have also recently purchased a kindle as it was a great aide for me while in bed. Amazon has recently announced a development platform in which I will be sure to participate in to develop for. Although my focus is on flash, as they begin to role out the SDK I will be adding kindle based applications.

Again, thank you all for patiently waiting. I know my absence was abrupt, but I assure you I am well now and ready for some challenges!



  1. YIPPEE!!!

  2. Welcome back and good luck with the new challenges ahead of you!

  3. IMO you should finish your projects when all of your fans are enthusiastically waiting.

  4. @Evan right on! Hmm I feel flight should be picked up on and finished for a part 2. 😉

  5. welcome back =)))

  6. Do you think you could release a J3 version of your S9 g-sensor programs? (Movements are inverted)

  7. @ John I’ll try incorporating the changes to the new games.

  8. Hi! Greetings from Norway! You make the best S9 games =) Great work!

  9. would it be possible for you to write game data in .as files so it can run more complex games?

  10. Wow! You’re finally back!! I love your games 🙂 (especially Flight) I’m looking forward to the Flight update!!

  11. 2011 is the year of the hare.

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