Santoki Beta Release!

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While definitely not the complete game. Santoki is still a very playable and fun game and I would like to share the current fun to you all.

The game still needs some fine tuning and obstacles for our little furry hero, but since I felt the game was still very playable I am offering a beta release to you all. The game you will notice is in Korean. That’s because I wanted to motivate myself into the translation process. It’s been a very fun project translating texts from English to Korean and English to Russian. Hopefully when the game is complete the four languages will be functional.

In this current release you will notice the following:

  • High score will be saved.
  • Three different types of platforms
    • Normal: These are normal.
    • False: As the name implies, these platforms will break upon touching.
    • Move: These platforms will move side to side.
  • Removed Settings and Achievements Page
    • Reason: Being developed – will be updated.

If you’re an advertiser and would like to purchase some ad space either on the game or this website, you may always email me.

I would like to also point out that the game Santoki took a lot of time to develop. These little games do not simply fall from the sky, it takes hours upon hours. If you so feel kind, I would greatly appreciate any sort of donations for Santoki (Please see the paypal button on the bottom of the post).


Thanks and I hope you enjoy!



  1. Thx for another nice game! I find it a little too sensetive though, its verry hard.

  2. very nice game!!!! i love it!

  3. @tirim4 I took off a setting page, but on that page (see screenshot above) you’ll be able to adjust the gsensor sensitivity.

  4. @Santoki: Nice, thanks for the reply.

  5. Thanks for everything

  6. Great game ! Very addictive 😉

  7. The ‘false platform’ kinda make it too hard.
    How about making them break down after you first jumped on them ?
    They currently are breaking down after the 1rst contact with the platform.

  8. Great game, Santoki, Russian mafia is now your friends)

  9. @dII32 There is nothing wrong with the false platform.

    likely, it’s quite distinguishable the brown color is up,
    and the green is down.

    I think there should be a spring platform, which gives a extra boost, and a dangerous platform, which the rabbit dies(sniff;;… very pathetic) or. game over.

    anyway, it was a real entertainment! i scored 7000…. i dunno if its a good score or not.

  10. my record is ~4k, 7 is impossible!

  11. haha, thanks for the comments guys. one of my developers kenkowtow has received a score of 16000!

    There will be achievements to achieve much like tower defense game.

    I just about finished the German translation. Now for the Russian language!

  12. Absolutely great game! I’ve been playing it way too much as shown by my 20267 high score. Can’t wait for the updates! 🙂

  13. Can you make the game into 272 x 480?

    I want to play this game in launcher mode.

  14. I’ve just make a 7400)
    Santoki, if You need, I can help with translation game to Russian language 🙂

  15. @defconhe

    great! I broke my record too….. into 13000. man this kenkowtow guy is a genius! 16000…….

  16. I just got 18701 😀 after played it a couple time.
    Thnx for the great game, looking forward to you’re next games

  17. Would there be other features like doodlejump?
    For example:
    jetpack, trampoline, enemies
    the jetpack and stuff is really easy to code, and makes the game much more fun.

  18. I agree with surgency

  19. @sanjay wow! what a score
    @evan I’ll see what I can do about the dimensions of the game.
    @Defconhe Thank you so much for your offer of help! I’m sorry for not responding earlier, I had an immediate urgency of tasks to respond to for a week. I’ll be sure to contact you soon
    @ Fungi-NL thanks!
    @surgency I’ll see what I can do.

  20. Wow, what a fun game. I feel bad I took so long to actually try it out. One of my favorite games on my S9 now. Thanks a lot. Can’t wait till you finish it.

  21. 28047 points!!
    maybe new world highscore? 😀

  22. Great game!!
    Got about 39k points 🙂
    New features would be great 🙂
    THX santoki

  23. @Ghost Thanks! Yea, I’m working on it.

  24. 57267^_^

    You shold to add an order to next version:)

  25. any progress with the game? ^_^

  26. Maybe you can also add a Dutch language.

  27. Thank you.It is awesome.

  28. This is awesome! Maybe Make an english version.
    If you send me the source. I’ll translate it to english!

  29. Different characters would make it better

  30. I have’nt actually gotten a chance to play this game yet but I agree with these guys:
    some more features would be cool.
    And also, if you can : >, you might add a little more flare to the graphics.

  31. The game don’t works on the Cowon J3.

  32. hey, do you think you could release a J3 version where the g-sensor is flipped? because right now tilting left is right and right is left…thanks!

  33. #
    Brian, on January 19th, 2011 at 1:23 pm Said:

    hey, do you think you could release a J3 version where the g-sensor is flipped? because right now tilting left is right and right is left…thanks!

    i was also wondering about that and it would be great if you released a J3 version for the other Gsensor games too

  34. *suggestion- you could add blocks that can be moved to the right place using the touch screen*

  35. Hey, I’m from Russia and I know English rather good. Maybe I could help with translating the game on Russian language, if there is English version.

  36. Hey santoki is the full version nearly made yet?
    Great beta Kelinsky XD

  37. I might just release the source for it also… I’ve been really busy due to grad school

  38. ok when?

  39. Anyway will it have the achievement page and/or different maps/modes and be in English?

    I still don’t understand what a source is sorry.. XD

  40. I’m off to a conference for the weekend, but when I get back I’ll try to load a version of santoki that is easy to develop from.

  41. OK have a nice trip!

    I’m 13 and may be able to develop it..


  42. I’m just looking what my high score is…

  43. its’s 7343 8k is pretty much impossible!

  44. mine 13 K

  45. Hi Santoki, i’m still thinking about the Santoki full version…
    Is It being released and I so what new features will it have?

  46. the 101th coins cheat that I am striving, so.. 1 out of 100 are working 😐

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