Flight Arena (With Video)

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This may be of a shocker, but Flight has been one of my favorite games to develop. It’s not surprise that the Flight genre has been revamped with a totally new engine.

Humble Beginnings

Flight has come a long ways since its first release for the iRiver clix and e10. This game wasn’t even fully developed as the CPU had a hard time calculating bullets and the hero was unable to do much. Nevertheless, the game inspired me to a new level of an “active” game and a passion for a smooth playable game – something a lot of flash Clix game lacked.

The First of its Kind

When 2souldesign.net released the v1.1b patch of Flight for the Cowon s9, it was quite a hit. The game began to fully utilize the power of the Cowon s9’s Gsensor for a fully action based game. It incorporated a lot of the nostalgic game elements from old console space games.

The game was unfortunately limited to a direction of moving forward into space with no element of evasion and “microing” your hero.

The Birth of a New Game

Because of Flight’s robust coding, I was able to take away the crucial elements of the game and create a totally different game that controlled a cross-hair in which the hero ship would always aim at – allowing full control of the ship and direction of its aim. This new engine I’ve been working on now enables a totally new way of wrecking havoc on enemy ships and maneuver to dodge harm.

So far I’m happy with the results, although I haven’t been able to test on the Cowon s9.

So why wait? Check this video out.

You’ll notice that the game has the following:

  • A Minimap
  • The Ship finally has a Hitpoint
  • Enemies have more HP
  • Hero has more degrees of freedom to move
  • Hero can shoot missles
  • Hero has unlimited blaster shots
  • Hero can slow down time

More updates to come in the future.


  1. looks nice but very hard

  2. hmm, I might try a beta test out soon. I have no idea how a gsensor control would effect the controls.

  3. wait, how are you incorporating g-sensor to the game?

    because what i had in mind was g-sensor just moves the ship around; however, you can keep a thumb on the screen and move it around to aim.

    gah i wanna test! 😀

  4. Oh, very close, but basically the opposite. You won’t need to press – although you can – the screen.
    Firing will be whatever is on the left of the player, I think it was Volume + or – for cowon s9. The secondary missile is the second button under that key.

    The movement of the gsensor controls the crosshair. the ship simply follows it. So once you lock target with your crosshair to an enemy ship – you can start firing away.

  5. won’t there be a chance to accidentally run into the enemy while locking on to it?

  6. err oh yeah,

    will this be literally an arena? so there won’t be any adventure kind of mode?

    and will there be upgrades, items, and abilities?

    also, i suggested in flight this: it would be nice to choose from 3 types of ships: a fast moving one but has lower damage, a slow moving one but has higher damage, and one that has equal balance of those two.

  7. Running into enemies has no consequences and there’s no way to follow enemies. When I said lock onto target, I didn’t literally mean that the player is “locked,” but simply has an aim on it.

    It’ll be literally an arena, but with slight twists. The adventure is that you can venture further out to “harder” arenas.

    upgrades, items, and abilities will all be purchased.
    Instead of 3 unique build – you will begin with a humble base ship in which you can modify and build your way into an exponentially different type of ships. HP mod, ATK, speed, etc…

  8. oh awesome. 😀

    haha. dang any idea of release date?

  9. Sounds great, nice one!

  10. oh plese.plese uplode flight arena hurry(i’m korean. i’m don’t well english)

  11. love it if you could add a J3 version with G sensor flipped

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    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s difficult to get that “perfect balance” between superb usability and visual appeal.
    I must say that you’ve done a great job with this.

    In addition, the blog loads very fast for me on Firefox.
    Outstanding Blog!

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