A Showcase of the New Archer and Navigation System

in Shadow Kai by santoki

The archer design was too child-like and flimsy, see the changes made for the new Archer look and feel.


The problem with the old model was that the archer looked more like a boy than it did of a full grown warrior. The switch of design did take some extra time I was not too fond of, but the end result seems a lot more promising.  With the addition of the new model, I decided to take some considerations made into the navigation system and have found it quite cool to play around with.

The Archer


Old Archer


New Archer

The Archer’s shoulder was broadened to give it a little more tougher look and was given a bow for obvious reasons. The Archer was recolored with red because, frankly it was hard to see in the green grass and it seems to really make the archer stand out as a foe to reckon with.

The New Navigation System


The picture above shows the navigation system and the console system working together. The new navigation system runs off of a drag-and-drop movement. Basically, press on any ground (grass) and drag it to the direction of view you prefer. Upon release, the map will memorize the end point and allow you to go on drag and dropping to further view the map.

The units you select will automatically be centered with a small ease effect. This will allow you to fully see all of their surroundings and optimize your strategy without having to drag all around.

Have fun navigating around the world with 5 characters randomly spawning. Can you find the most powerful unit? 🙂

[Updated 1.12.10] Download here.

//Note: May not work on Cowon S9

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  1. amazing speed of updates! thanks man.

  2. i downloaded it to my s9 but it only brings up your logo and that is it.

  3. @Ilmadic
    Thanks, it was a new years resolution – haha.

    @sid adams
    Have you tapped on the main screen? (Forgot to say press anywhere)

  4. I’ve tried and it doesn’t respond.

  5. @sid adams
    I’m sorry. it works perfect on my computer, but because I do not have the s9, I’m unable to debug it on the actual device. If anyone can confirm this bug, I could take a further look into this.

  6. i can canfirm this bug. the game starts on the computer but not on the s9

  7. Ok, I uploaded a new sample. Please check the updated link.

  8. I tried again on the S9. No change since last time.

  9. we must get him a new s9!

  10. I got 7 characters respawning once, instead of five.

  11. @Tizmin556
    Was this through the computer? or S9?

  12. Computer

  13. Isn’t this program : http://iaudiophile.net/forums/showthread.php?t=26640 supposed to play the .swf files as the S9 do ?

    If so it could help you 🙂

    (nice work btw)

  14. Cool, I’ll take a look into that.

  15. sorry, didn’t see a general ‘contact’ info..
    someone thought you should check this thread out http://iaudiophile.net/forums/showthread.php?t=34126

    sounds like a good idea

  16. Any Newsssssssssssss? Pleeze hurry up!

    And by the way, I’m making flash games too, thanks for your inspiring on the G-sensor. Good Luck!

  17. You can’t rush genius.

  18. I know I’ve been commenting a lot recently but… i can’t understand why Shadow Kia doesn’t work on my Cowon s9.. :L it freezes on the 2SD start bit.

    Its a awesome game but i can’t figure out whats gone wrong with mine.

    GREAT GAME. Kelinsky XD

  19. Hi um where can i download the full game of shadow kai i’m finding it hard to find…

    It looks awesome tho!

  20. because one of the downloads doesn’t work on my pc

  21. anything new?

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