5 Important problems needed to be solved for Shadow Kai

in Shadow Kai by santoki

I have come across 5 problems that have been haunting my progression for this game. If you have any insight or would like to contribute any ideas, feel free to give in any inputs, I’ll take a look into all comments.


Shadow Kai has been one of my games that have been shelved and restarted numerous times due to complications and time issues. This time I have come across 5 problems that have been haunting my progression for this game. If you have any insight or would like to contribute any ideas, feel free to give in any inputs, I’ll take a look into all comments.

1. How big should a character be?


This is actually a practical problem. The Cowon S9’s capacitive is great because you don’t have to worry about other objects touching the screen, but if you haven’t noticed already pressing buttons for some games may be a pain! The capacitive touch screen requires a button that is big enough to respond to a button press.

This requires then a serious look into a characters size. A bigger character then reveals great detail of the 3D work and a great touch response, but does take up a wide area of the screen which limits what you can see at one given time. A smaller character on the other hand makes it almost impossible to select and much less detail to identify, but allows a much more better vision of the surroundings.

2. How should the game be navigated?


Another simple, but a very crucial mechanic to the game is movement. I wanted to play with the Gsensor, but because I do not have the Cowon s9, this is near impossible to implement. Instead, I decided to try out a quad directional movement to navigate the world. This is a problem if the user slides his/her finger off of the button, as it will lock the movement of the directional key.

You can find a copy here.

3. The Stacking / Collision problem


The old collision problem has come again to haunt me. What should the character’s boundary be? What happens if two characters collide when in movement? Or worse, what happens if a character stops on top of another character? Does it push the character underneath it?

These are some questions I’m left to sort out.

4. Isometric Problems


Many games have become popular using the isometric perspective, but this game has been using an engine with a bird’s eye view to simplify things. A problem that may occur then is that a user can abuse the extension of the horizontal versus the vertical stretch. eg: moving left and right would allow more move space than up and down.

5. I still do not have an S9

But you can help by donating by paypal. πŸ™‚

You can download the current alpha build of Shadow Kai here.


  1. great work!!!!!! the alpha looks very nice!

    1. i think the actual sice is ok but i can be a bit bigger but only a bit
    2. i testet it and it’s really a problem. i hope you find a way to fix this
    4.”moving left and right would allow more move space than up and down” i think that sounds good
    5. i see what i can do

    thanks for your great work

  2. – What is the goal of this game ?

    1. Should be a bit smaller (as I don’t really see the details of the
    character as it’s a rather simple model)
    2. I don’t suggest using G-Sensor movement, as it might make things
    too difficult
    Suggestion : tapping a spot on the screen will define a location
    (x,y) to which the character
    will move.
    3. Stacking/Collision:
    Each character has a small invisible bubble around him that will
    seperate the object from others
    (thus characters won’t touch each other)
    The status/health bar will show by name and color which character
    is selected

  3. I fully agree with everything dll32 has written πŸ™‚

  4. @Ilmadic
    1. I thought the most people would want it smaller, but that’s interesting you mention it would be ideal for it being slightly bigger – I’ll see what I can do.
    2. I agree – It’s annoying.
    4. Cool, I know some games that have this feature.
    5. πŸ™‚

    @dll32 & ID-1
    1. Sounds good, I’ll try playing with a smaller size
    2. That was my plan, but I’m talking about movement for the screen in respect to the world: eg – how you can move around google maps globally. The character should be moving as you have posted.
    3. So the collision should be separated by circles – cool. I’ll see what I can do.

    The goal of the game, is currently for a strategy/turnbased game. The reason it should be turnbased is due to the Cowon’s lack of ability to render more than a couple objects. In return, more special effects can be used for each attack/special/etc…

  5. 1. smaller character. i say this because the character itself takes up about half the screen. i’d rather have a wider view πŸ˜›

    2. g-sensor would be great… the problem would be that if you tilt your s9 a little bit, you’ll start moving everywhere. how about when you touch and hold the screen, you can start using the g-sensor, but other than that no. i know you don’t have your S9 yet.. but i hope you do soon!

    3. i agree with dll32 and ID-1. maybe when it’s someone else’s turn and they can move into a character, a red circle should be encircled around that other character so that no one runs into him while movement.

    4. I think oval looks better + it’s more logical since you’re on a 3D plain.

    Suggestions: umm. sorry if this turns out offensive but is the archer going to have his arms down? he looks like a zombie. HAHA sorry!

    Will the blue round movement thing be over the character or under? (as in picture 4). It looks strange how it’s over the character.

    Multiplayer? :)? it’s turned based and all someone else has to do is give the S9 to your opponent.

    Computer of someone in a different place? I mean this by everyone who plays creates 2 .SOL files. One is for whatever you need it for and the other is a computer that contains your stats etc. You would post this .SOL file online and people can choose a “play against custom computer” which will take information from the .SOL and modify the computer in a way that the uploader of the .SOL had his character. (Sorry, a bit complicated but I hope you know what I mean). It’d make gameplay wider and competitive. Now if the computer is just stupid.. Then.. LOL.

    I’ll post more suggestions later!

  6. OOPS. i just noticed that i was using the alpha movement one instead. the actual alpha has a good sized character. i wouldnt mind it being smaller though.

  7. zz sorry for the spamming. i keep remembering things.

    will there be more maps? a possibility of a 2 story map where people on the 2nd story can shoot people in the 1st? or will it not get that complicated. πŸ˜€ i cant wait for this haha!

  8. @uphaillife
    1. Sounds good. I’ve decided to shrink it a tad, but will be using the bigger models for other scenes.
    2. I’m trying to figure out a way to avoid gsensor for the time being.
    3. I’m beginning to think the same, I’ll see if the red idea works.
    4. The isometric circle seems to be the general census.

    haha, a zombie archer! It’ll drop its arm in due time, it’s only because I need to work on the 3D form.

    The blue will be under the character.

    Definitely will have multiplayer (pass the s9 to your friend) support.

    The .SOL idea was something I had thought of too, but I don’t think will work.

    They’ll be more terrains with desserts, snow, grass, etc… with terrain bonuses, but not too sure about 2nd floors.

  9. i dont know if youve solved #2 yet, but for the buttons, theres an event called onReleaseOutside.
    hope i dont look like an idiot because youve ruled this out somewhere before >.>

  10. wow, Thank you! I’m not sure why I’ve overlooked that method. I always thought it was a method for Flash 8 or higher. I’ve actually ended up dropping this form of navigation for a more “apple-esque” browser navigation (which works really well). Nevertheless, thanks for your input!

  11. Wait, but in the navigation preview you werent allowed to actually move the character rgiht?

  12. correct. In the current build, you’re able to do both (move and navigate)

  13. Cool.
    Btw, im wondering, is the PixelAssasins link updated? cause all i get is a .swf thats the wrong size, and has no gsensor movement
    and also flight v1.10 link doesnt work anymore

  14. Oops, your right. I wonder why no one has complained until now. The Pixel Assassin should have gsensor applied now. (Note: I have no idea if it works).

    I just downloaded flight v1.1b fine from the downloads section.

  15. It works, very smoothly. Thanks πŸ™‚
    and yeah, flight works aswell, it was giving me a “file not found’ error before. Wierd.
    pixel assassin need some additions to be playable.
    like a start button so it can be calibrated without extiing, and etc,
    Can you release the source?

  16. That’s a relief to hear. I hope you understand, but I’m not comfortable releasing anything to the public without having tested anything thoroughly – let alone the source. It’s been harder for me to release anything due to the lack of a device to work with. Hope you understand.

  17. theres a little bit of bugs. like sometimes it locks in place at the top of the screen (happens in hunter aswell, maybe you remember).
    is this due to bad hardware or flash, or what? its wierd.
    also, after the game ends (you crash/lose) sometime many red pixels are generated for no reason. then the s9 lags like hell and it takes a while to exit.

    and yeah, its totally fine about the source, i was just asking cause i would make a start button if you allowed it.
    I play this game all the time during german, its my new lifesaver (bubble breaker was it before).

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