Flight Arena (With Video)

This may be of a shocker, but Flight has been one of my favorite games to develop. It’s not surprise that the Flight genre has been revamped with a totally new engine.

The new 2souldesign.net!

After several days of rigorous coding and researching on how to design and customize WordPress themes, I’m happy to say the redesign went fairly well.

Redesigning 2souldesign

Check out what we’ve decided to change about 2souldesign’s design and more information regarding Shadow Kai.

A Showcase of the New Archer and Navigation System

The archer design was too child-like and flimsy, see the changes made for the new Archer look and feel.

5 Important problems needed to be solved for Shadow Kai

I have come across 5 problems that have been haunting my progression for this game. If you have any insight or would like to contribute any ideas, feel free to give in any inputs, I’ll take a look into all comments.