Updates on upcoming games (EDIT 2)

in Pixel Assassin, Shadow Kai by santoki

Pics and more pics on upcoming games for the Cowon s9 and a screenshot of the new Pixel Assassin main screen



(12/30/09) EDIT: More previews of the model.


(12/30/09) EDIT: Instead of a new post, I’ll continue with updating the latest for this character model.


For a while now, I’ve been trying to get back into Shadow Kai, but one thing I needed was a model. So I decided to get back into modeling using blender 3D and the above image is what I have so far for one of the units. I’ll try to update more often as this modeling process seems to take much longer than I had hoped.

As a freebie, here’s a screen shot of pixel assassin revolution:


It’ll have a new twist to the original engine.

I am 11% away from purchasing a Cowon s9.  🙂


  1. Nice, the archer looks very good!

  2. […] This resolution / attempt was actually inspired by Smashing Magazine. The challenge originally was to design something new every day, but since I’m just a hobbyist, I decided to do a new design every week. That means in total of this year, I should have about 52 designs / artworks. This was an exciting resolution for me as it gives me some sort of practical way of making a progress point in a visual form. The picture above was done in a 3D program called Blender for a game I’m making called Shadow Kai. […]

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