Waiting for the alpha tester’s response

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I’ll be waiting for the alpha tester’s response and their version of a better “stats” for each tower and/or enemy and I will be soon releasing the updates as version 1.0! :]

This game will have a couple more new updates that even the alpha testers don’t know about, but will be a great surprise.

In addition to these recent tower defense updates, I’ve been getting some questions regarding other games. Don’t worry I haven’t shelved any games – This includes Shadow Kai.


A model I’m working on for Shadow Kai.

Also, I’m trying this twitter thing now, so if you would like to follow my “tweets” you can follow me. If you are an alpha tester, please send me in a good summary of the game so far, bugs/suggestions and ideal stats for each tower, if you haven’t already. Thanks!



  1. he looks extremely buff.

  2. when U make 3rd sketch sereis???? please i want play NEW sketch sereis,,,,,,

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