Delays to Tower Defense v1.0

in Announcements by santoki

All of the games I make, including Tower Defense, are made from my spare time. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because I usually have free time when all is going well and the updates get pushed out ASAP.However, I’m a busy soul and have been crammed with both work and school. It’s an impediment that I wish didn’t exist, but must be reckoned with as I am not being financially supported by any of the games I produced.

The current work project I’m working on will requires several days of my time to finish, so there may not be an update any time soon. Some of the alpha testers have not e-mailed me or given me a feedback in some way – I will still be waiting.

Once the project is finished and the feedback has been received, I’ll do my best to roll out the version 1.0



  1. Hi
    Keep tweeting! everyday would be nice even if your not working on a game. Oh and you should add a donate button on this site i’d donate and i’m sure many others would.

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