Alpha test v0.9 released!

in Tower Defense by santoki


It’s here! v0.9 The game has gone through some significant changes. First of all, there were some features that were missing such as: high scores, restart, and level based increments.

Here are some screenshots of some of the new aspects of the game:


One of the harder things to do as the developer is create a really balanced game. So in an effort to balance it thoroughly I decided to let the alpha testers decide upon a balanced game using the native editor menu. All the stats can be modified to the players wanting. Of course, while the goal is to make the game more balanced, I’m sure a lot will have some fun making some over powered towers “free.” 🙂


Selected towers will now be marked with the red highlight and all levels will be started once the GO button is pressed.

Here are some of the bugs I’m currently working on:

  • Upgrading animation bugs when the user selects another building before the previously active tower finishes its animation.
  • Random tower AI quirks.

Here are the list of upgrades made on the game:

  • Added Main Menu Background
  • Added Editor Menu
    • Towers can be edited and customized
  • Added Selected Tower Highlight
  • Added Incremented Levels
  • Added a Restart Button
  • Added Highscore
  • Changed the balance of some “hard” enemies
  • Changed the economics of the game: easier money
  • “First cell bonus” now gives you extra money as well as points
    • A good strategy is to kill the mob as fast as you can to get more income.
  • Changed the top information look with gradient

Once I hear feedback from my alpha testers, I will be implementing the final default enemy set and tower stats and will allow everyone into the v1.0 beta release 🙂

Thanks all for the wait,



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