Tower Defense on v0.2! Rolling along…

in Tower Defense by santoki

Believe it or not, but this Tower Defense project has been on steroids and has just passed v.02! Many things have been added such as: 4 unique towers, updated interface, remodeled icons, and a redesign in code to optimize performance!

I was able to add several towers without compromising much on game lag! This is good news.

At the pace I’m currently going, I expect the alpha to be very soon when a level can be considered “finished.”

Here are some screen shots of the game as of now: (ignore the v0.1, it’s really v0.2)


The blast tower in action. Get that mob before it leaves the screen!


The 4 unique towers ready to stomp any mob! To the left you can see the information box regarding the slow tower.

The icons under the menu are as follows:

  • tower cost
  • tower attack
  • tower range
  • tower speed

blue button: upgrade tower

red button: sell tower

I’m already enjoying this game. 🙂



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