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2souldesign » Tower Defense Alpha v0.8

Tower Defense Alpha v0.8

in Tower Defense by santoki


Today the alpha testers received (or should have received) the latest version of the tower defense game. I know it says v5 on the screen, but it really is v.08 :]

There’s been a few improvements over the game.

  • Added a Go button to begin whenever the user is ready for the wave.
  • Selling a tower before game start will not receive full money back.
  • Selling after game begins will allow the player to receive only 85% of the full cost
  • Added a Green, Red and Black enemy
    • Green enemies are the most basic kind
    • Red are speedy
    • Black are defense and HP monsters
  • Color coded some of the stats
  • 1st cell bonus points
    • Whenever you kill a monster (ball) before they cross the second square you will receive a 1st cell bonus point.
  • Gold awarding: A new algorithm has been worked out so that a player received 3x as much more gold for killing a black ball and 1.5x more for killing a red ball.
  • Changed the range icon from an eye to an RSS like symbol (radio wave).

If you are an alpha tester, please e-mail me your input!



EDIT: oops, I did forget to mention that this is the “hardest” mode available. I set it as default, because I was just that good The beta release will have the easier option. :] – haha.


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