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I’ve been AWOL for a month due to a flu earlier this month and in response, I decided to have an extended vacation – which explains the missing updates and posts. I’ll be posting on a much more regular basis now that I’m able to work on “the desk.”

So what’s the plan?

I’ve been working on a few game ideas and some flourished while others diminished. Here are some sneak peak screens of the ideas that may or may not appear depending on the progress (in no order).





I know I haven’t uploaded an update for Flight for a while and although I can’t promise a weekly update, I’ll definitely add more levels. Some of the problems behind Flight right now is that I seem to have run into a bug that is only specific to the S9 (either memory and/or other internally related bug). For this reason, I have a hard time updating the game. I might have to lower the Frame rate, enemy AI, and /or the hero to accommodate to these weird issues.

At any case, I’ll be back to post some more – just wanted to say I’m still alive. 🙂



  1. 500.000 users of CMPC are expecting it.
    Now you came back, so I will be on standby…

  2. loool. dang i was scared you died or something. HAHA.

    glad you’re alive 🙂 nor can i wait for your games. (yess!)

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