Flight Weekly Builds 2

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Flight in action

Flight in action

After a few days more than expected due to personal reasons, I’m glad to bring forth another update. This update however, may seem like a step down for some due to the changes that have been made/removed.

A few things to note:

  • Removed HyperDrive
  • Removed Random enemies
  • Added fixed enemies
  • Added a 2 blaster limitation
  • Added 25 FPS limitation
  • Changes miniboss moves down 0.15 y-units faster

The Hyperdrive powerup has been removed for the time being, because it had some weird effect on disabling the highscore (to be fixed later on). The random AI ship summoning is now replaced with fixed spawn locations for a more classical 2d shooter experience.

To fight the lag issue, I’ve capped the FPS on flight with a 25fps from the high 30fps. Another change is the 2 blaster limit. This limit will prevent from non-stop blasting, lagging the game, and more strategic runs.

As always, please leave any comments, criticisms, and bug reports.

Download it here: 2SD_Flightv1.02.zip


  1. i’ll put this post on Naver for you

  2. bug: after a while, the monsters don’t spawn anymore. : /

  3. yeah it happend to me to..

  4. Thanks!

  5. You are absolutely correct. At the time of the testing, I never thought of it as a bug before because I had anticipated adding a boss in the next update (hint hint). Nevertheless, you are right, I should have added a stage complete sign of some sort. I’ll make sure the next update gets this fix.

  6. Please more than one life.
    Maybe 100HP und every shot from the enemies will shorten the HP.

    Be killed at one shot is not that good.

    This things would be nice:
    more weapons, powerups, life time extension, other enemies, etc. etc.

    All in all, nice game 🙂

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