Flight Weekly build v1.1!

in Flight by santoki
Flight in action

Flight in action

After several days of intensive programming and a total redesign of the game, I’m proud to present to you Flight v1.1! While there are still a considerable number of bugs still waiting to be discovered and balance issues, it’s very playable and has a boss level to reckon with.

I’ve taken into considerations to some of the complaints that the game was to bland, and would be fine with slight lag. I’ve tolerated some of the lag that will arise and in return have made it more playable.

Although you can view the changes in detail in the readme.txt (included in the zip), here are some major changes:

  • Added new enemies:
  • Added a power gauge (implemented, but not completely)
  • Added music for title and credit
  • Added new enemies

I know there has been an issue for the hero not having more than one life, I will consider this option. For the mean time ~ GG

Download it here



  1. nice!!!
    i love the game now and the drones are very annoying 😀

    but there seems to be a huge bug, most of the time when i restard the game immidiatly, it doesn’t work as it should be…
    go take a look at it!

  2. Does it shutdown upon entering the “start” in campaign mode?

  3. sometimes,
    sometimes it reboots out of nowhere when pressing ‘start’
    sometime when you press play again, you can’t shoot or the g-sensor doesn’t work, or all the enemies are gone…

  4. i second bazzjjj’s bug find.
    could you give us a list of what will be added? :O

  5. list of bugs i had:
    when you press start:
    1. it reboots
    2. you can’t move
    3. you can’t shoot
    4. the enemies for some reason blow up before even coming into
    5. all the enemies face forward… so like the one that comes,
    shoots 2, and goes… it just faces forward and goes back out of
    the screen.
    6. the boss comes in the moment you start
    7. you can either stay only on the top of the screen or the bottom
    8. some enemies appear TOO early (the quick chasing ones appearing
    only a couple seconds after starting the game)

    during gameplay:
    1. enemies don’t blow up… they just disappear
    2. you get stuck on the edge of the screen and can’t move (this is an issue with hunter as well…)

    yeah i’ve been playing this game a bit too much… i love this game 🙂
    i think i killed every single enemy in one round 😀 highest score possible. muhahaha

  6. Cool post, just subscribed.

  7. Thanks!!!!!!!

    How a nice flash game…

    But there’re some lags.
    (Sorry, but I’m not blame you. Because s9’s system is too instable.)

    I will give you a list, you can refer to it.

    1. s9 goes faint when I restart the game many times.
    2. The unit don’t move or can’t shoot. (sometimes)
    also the enemy unit destroy itself, even I didn’t shoot.
    (then, I couldn’t see the bullet.
    3. When I touch the start button, s9 reboots. (before 1.)
    4. Enemy units appear when it’s no time to appear. eh….
    Sorry. I can’t describe this lag with my stupid english…..
    (mid school 2nd grade exam 86.3)
    Even korea’s english subject is very easy, like US’s mathematics.

    So, I believe you are a capable person, and you can fix it!!


  8. uhmm, when is the new version gonna be out?
    i thougt there was a update every week? because i can’t wait for a update!!!

  9. Sorry, I’ve been sick for the past week and haven’t been able to do anything. I’m slowly recovering. Hopefully if everything goes well I’ll be able to upload something.

  10. now i’m really getting unpatient 😀

  11. :O so what’s going on santoki? 🙁
    still sick?

  12. oh…

    I didn’t download… why…

    maybe.. my computer window is vista..?

    oh oh oh!

  13. the link is broken =((

  14. I can’t download the file. please correct this problem.

    here 링크가 주소가 잘못되었나요… 파일다운이 안됩니다.


  15. The link has been updated!

  16. Youre BACK!! ㅠㅠ finally….

  17. @Evan yes, I am back. I had recovered from a really serious neck injury. I will be posting more programs soon.

  18. I am so glad that you have recovered!
    What happened to you? It took 6 months to recover , it seems. Did you have surgery, as well?

  19. i DON’T THINK SANTOKI actually goes on his site anymore… 🙁

  20. wait a minute! …I don’t?

  21. No i know you do .. i was just trying to get your attention.
    Have you finished the proper version of Santoki yet?

    If so leave me the link.

    All my thanks Kelinsky XD

  22. haha… Well I never really was able to finish off Santoki. I might as well just release the source in a few days…

  23. Source?

  24. And plz do.. the game is the best! (release it)

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