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Recently I’ve been getting a lot of Korean visitors. Namely from the site In hopes to see my fans I tried to access the page that referred the visitors, but was greeted with a page where it asked for my involvement for the site before applying for the membership.

The requirements were as follows: 5x site visits, 2x posts, 7xcomments. The 1st and 3rd were relatively “ok,” but actually posting on the site was a bit harder since I was not native to the Korean language. I felt a little bad as my comments were all in English, but in the end I’ve completed the requirements.

I’m now waiting to be accepted into the site – approval by the admin.

*My fingers are crossed to join the site~ πŸ™‚


  1. I’d like to hear that~
    people will love you

    Anyway you can put your post in English
    Like me or other people are glad to translate English to Korean

    And remember I’m always wating for your games~

    P.S.> my korean version nickname is λ‚­λ§Œμžκ°
    you can find your game that i posted before at s9μžλ£Œμ‹€->ν”Œλž˜μ‹œμžλ£Œμ‹€->μ΄ˆλŒ€λ°•κ²Œμž„?!

    Hehe,,, if you want me to delete leave me a message, i’ll do it for ya

  2. λ‚­λ§Œμžκ°, I should be thanking you πŸ™‚
    I was thrilled to read some of the nice comments.
    Don’t delete the post! I really liked the posts πŸ™‚

    I will be gone for the weekend this week, so an update seems very rare unless I get wifi reception. Once I get back, I’ll release the latest.

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