Flight Weekly build v1.1!

After several days of intensive programming and a total redesign of the game, I’m proud to present to you Flight v1.1! While there are still a considerable number of bugs still waiting to be discovered and balance issues, it’s very playable and has a boss level to reckon with. I’ve taken into considerations to some […]

Flight Weekly Builds 2

After a few days more than expected due to personal reasons, I’m glad to bring forth another update. This update however, may seem like a step down for some due to the changes that have been made/removed. A few things to note: Removed HyperDrive Removed Random enemies Added fixed enemies Added a 2 blaster limitation […]

Back in town!

Sorry for the delays, I’ll be finishing up on some slight design tweaks today and tomorrow and upload a new version by tomorrow at the latest. Sorry for the delays, there was a conference I had to attend last weekend. I’m back and will try my best to continue with the weekly updates and as […]

cowonmini.com membership?

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of Korean visitors. Namely from the site cowonmini.com. In hopes to see my fans I tried to access the page that referred the visitors, but was greeted with a page where it asked for my involvement for the site before applying for the membership.

Flight Weekly Builds

As promised, Flight will be having continuous weekly updates. It won’t be major changes, but there will be updates. The current version is now v1.01b. A few things have been tweaked and changed, but a major addition was the high scores. One thing to note is the static background. It is static and I unfortunately […]