Flight – a genuine s9 gsensor game

in Flight by santoki
Flight in action

Flight in action

After several weeks of brainstorming, I decided the Cowon s9 G-sensor would be best used on a 2D space shooter game and due to the lack of dedicated s9 flash games I’ve decided this game was to be made – Flight.

Flight is currently in its early stage. It has been designed for optimization and expandability. Although at the moment the game seems restricted to a simple shooter game, it has been programmed to have the potential of a totally new and enjoyable experience. So check it out now here!

In the current 1.0 build you can maneuver your ship via the s9 tilt. There are only two enemies you can fight. You have one consumable item known as the Hyper Drive which slows down everything except for you (bullet time experience).

Hope you enjoy it. If you have any experiences of glitches and or bugs that have not been mentioned on the readme.txt included let me know.


If you would like to advertise, please see the file included in the zip file which explains how you can participate in the advertisements.

Flight will be a great investment for advertisements as it will always be undergoing weekend builds (meaning a new version updated every weekend).

If you haven’t downloaded the game already click it here: download

Things to be added,

As mentioned before, this game has expandability in mind so here are some additions that will be added later on:

  • Saving highscores
  • More powerups
  • More enemies
  • Bosses
  • Modes of play (Skrimish, Time attack, Story)
  • Upgrades and stores
  • game GUI and art changes

ps. The advanced s9 gsensor tutorial is on the works.



  1. Hey, I’m from iAudiophile.net

    Maybe you should try google adsense until someone wants to advertise? I’m sure us at the forums wouldn’t mind *cough*clicking*cough cough* a few adverts to help you out. 😀

  2. Hi! 🙂
    That’s definitely an idea.

  3. Hey! I’m also from iAudiophile.net

    I was wondering if this is somewhat like raiden? because it kind of feels like it. I love it (:

    Is it possible for us to have about 3 options to choose from? maybe one for speed, one average, one for power (or something like that) in the beginning of the game when we start a “new game”.

    anyways. this owns. no lie. i thought itd be laggy like hunter, but this is so smooth and fun as HELL!!! you rock!

  4. Hey! Yes, your right. I played Raiden and felt that a game like it should be made for the s9. Those are great options! I will be considering them for future updates. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. Hi, This game is so good!
    Thank U Man!

  6. Thanks MinGyoo 🙂