Flight – a genuine s9 gsensor game

After several weeks of brainstorming, I decided the Cowon s9 G-sensor would be best used on a 2D space shooter game and due to the lack of dedicated s9 flash games I’ve decided this game was to be made – Flight.
Flight is currently in its early stage. It has been designed for optimization and expandability. [...]

Santoki’s back

It’s been a few weeks since the last post. The reason is simple – I had a lot of exams to study and commit to. Neverthless, the school term has finished, so I’ll be back to posting as usual.
Thanks for waiting everyone!
We’ve got an exciting summer ahead of us.

Advanced G-sensor tutorial in the works!

It’s been a while since the latest x.30b firmware has been released for the Cowon s9, but from that recent update a new game was featured known as “hunter.” From that game it was revealed that the S9 was not just limited to 4 directions, but also had a Z-axis for a precise tilt measurement.
The [...]