Next tutorial? The s9 G-Sensor

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A few days ago I received my new cowon s9 – I simply love it. I have been for a while now using a friends, but now that I have my own it’s time to develop apps and games like no tomorrow! 🙂

However, before I get going, I want other developers or even new developers to get there feets wet with some of Cowon s9’s special fscommand features. My last post was on the saving capabilities and I hope many of you have benefited from that, but I plan to write up a tutorial on the g-sensor feature available on the cowon s9 within a few days.

The G-sensor on the s9 unfortunately is not as powerful as many hope. It is limited to only 4 degrees 0,90,180,270. However, by fooling the s9 of a gravitational pseudo “physics.” I believe we can make the g sensor just as good as any competing mobile market. My hopes is to create a rough API that developers can use to optimize it for their games.

Until then, It’s time to listen to some good music on the s9~




  1. pseudo-physics? could you explain that in the most understandable way for me xD

    i dont know anything about flash so itd be nice to understand a bit. but this is amazing! if we can fully utilize g-sensor. wooow. i feel like the S9 is becoming more of a god.

  2. haha – sure thing. Basically what I tried to state was that the Cowon s9 has a poor accelerometer. A slight tilt will not activate it. Your going to have to do a full turn for a direction to trigger and because of that you will not be able to create a realistic gravity pull (like a tilt box). Instead we can create a “fake” gravity pull that is rendered in the game. I hope I didn’t over complicate it – haha. The tutorial is just about ready for prime time, so expect it up soon 🙂

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