Shadow Kai’s design phase.

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dialogues within game

Greetings! Well Shadow Kai has been finally ressurected on board after a few weeks of hiatus due to issues with the computer. Well we are currently working on the archer’s art as well as a few mechanics related to the bowman. Currently the game allows the character for 4 options on the player’s turn phase: attack, defend, skill, move.

All character’s currently have a damage based attack and a special skill specific to its class.

For instance, the warrior has a basic attack, but can initiate its “berserk mode” which elevates its damage output in exchange for lowering his defenses. The archer on the other hand has a ranged attack, but can utilize it’s arrow shower ability which rains an area of effect damage on a portion of land.

With these unique skills, it will require an immense effort of balance and time. So our team is trying our best to push up a beta to test between the two character classes – let’s hope sometime in March.

I think I’ll be making a few tutorials in the coming weeks – what do you guys think?


  1. how is the development going, and maybe you should check cowon s9 for some greate surgestions.

  2. Good Luck on finishing this game i really want to play it. Does anyone know why i cant view to the pictures on this site

  3. Oh bummer. I recently had to restart the database… I guess the pictures went with it. I’ll have them reloaded one-by-one soon. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Your stuffs are all cool… and has everything… except one thing.


    Wish had more sound effects. The Tower Defense was feeling like it was sort of boring

  5. Sound is great, but I have a hard time inserting it without lag. Maybe in future devices with more processing power.

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